It is not a secret that many of our members are competitors. However, we all want to strengthen Ethiopia's tourism industry. Joining forces within the framework of ETOA allows our members to create an enabling environment for tourism and promote further growth and prosperity within the country. As ETOA member, you are provided with:

    • A place in members’ directory, which is available on-line and enables visitors to contact your company and request an offer
    • Representation and promotion of your professional, tax and social interests in relation to the tourism at the state, government and other levels
    • Training and education materials to improve skills of your personnel
    • Information about policy changes, new products, and tourist exhibitions
    • Access to new, international customer markets
    • ETOA quarterly newsletter
    • Access to ETOA booklet and Website

Affiliate Members are companies (public or private), organizations, destinations, NGOs, educational institutions or bodies whose activities are related to tourism and which contribute to ETOA their knowledge and expertise to promote the development of tourism that’s responsible, sustainable and accessible for everyone.

Our Affiliate Member organizations are:

        • Advanced: Because they are at the vanguard of innovation, developing new technologies, carrying out research and training the tourism professionals of the future.
        • Diverse: The variety of organizations that are affiliated to ETOA brings great value and enriches the exchange of ideas and knowledge.
        • For example, our members belong to airlines, travel agencies, destination promotion agencies, hotel groups, universities, business schools, specialized training centers and businesses involved in services, environmental research and sustainability.
        • International: Being located across five continents means that our Affiliate Members can keep up to date with specialist national, regional and local knowledge. For example ATA (Africa Travel Association) and ET (Ethiopian Airlines)

Procedure for applying for ETOA Membership: -

After one year in operation as a Tour Operator licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, companies are eligible to make a formal application, in writing, requesting to join the Association.

Upon payment of ETB 5000 application fees (non refundable), Applicants are then furnished with a Membership Application form

In addition to the documents, you will be required to attach the following to enable us assess your application: -

        1. A copy of your Certificate of Incorporation
        2. A copy of your current and previous Ministry of Culture Tourism License /Renewed
        3. Copies of your promotional materials (brochures or website).

Please note that while filling in the Application Form, you are required to indicate the names in FULL and enclose copies of testimonials/certificates for your senior staff with experience in tourism.

Membership Fees: -

        1. All new members join in the Associate Category for a minimum of one year. The annual fee is ETB 5,000.
        2. Associate Membership is for local companies or individuals whose membership of ETOA is of benefit to the Association will pay same amount of registration as well as Annual membership of Active members.

The basic difference between the two is that Active members work in as a board of Diretors , and Associate members typically can choose but can not be elected as board of Directors .


Ethiopian Tour Operators Association (ETOA)

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Phone: (251) 115-508444/45
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