Ethiopian Tour Operators Association (which is referred as ETOA) is a professional Association representing the legally registered Tour Operators in the tourism industry of Ethiopia. Currently ETOA is composed of more than 185 individual tour and travel agency companies.

The ETOA was established in 2003 by the initiation of individual tour operators who are concerned with the development of tourism in the country and still actively working to attain its objectives.

The Association is legally registered and licensed association in accordance with the law of the Country. The association is administered by Board members who are elected every 2 years on the presence of the general assembly. The board will have the president. Though all of the board members are there in their part times, the association has a permanent General Manager with assisting staffs and also permanent working office.

ETOA has provided itself to be a reliable association and is dedicated both to raising standards in the industry and ensuring that tourism plays as key role in economic development, poverty reduction and environmental protection.

The Ethiopian Tour Operators Association has members engaged in tour operation and travel agency services in which talented with ingenuity employees of both women and men are employed.

They all have mastered their tourism products and the art of providing comfort to their clients. Based on variety of tourism commodities Ethiopia has, applying their basic knowledge of the industry, and their long year experience and skills they offer a choice of programs and itineraries to visitors coming to Ethiopia for holiday, business, health; family and friend visit.

Our Members

Membership of ETOA is open to all licensed tour operators who meet our basic requirements as provided in the Constitution. There are three main membership categories for tour companies namely FULL, ASSOCIATE and Affiliate.

There is also a provision for non-tour operating companies, allied to tourism and whose membership is of benefit to ETOA. These fall under the AFFILIATE and Affilite membership categories.

All ETOA members are bound by the rigid rules of their own Code of Conduct. Moreover, All members are bind by Association’s bi-law. The Association ensures that all its members provide the highest standard of service to clients. Any complaints that may arise are handled by our Ethics and Standards with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

For a complete listing of our members, please visit our website

Membership benefits

ETOA members enjoy a wide range of benefits that include (but are not limited to): -

  • Information Exchange

Communication from official circles (MOCT, ETO, MOFA, ERCA and other stakeholders in Tourism) is sent through the Association and thereafter disseminated to members and not to individual companies. Members have access of the latest information on Industry events and news though circulars as well as ETOA Website. This Website includes member introductions, member-specific news and advisory

  • Recommendation/References Members

 ETOA gives recommendation/references to agents and tourists on behalf of its members. It also recommends its members in dealings with other tourism trading bodies including regional and International tourism and tourism related service-providers as members are recognized both locally and internationally as quality tourism providers 

  • Bonding Scheme

 Members that are tour operating entities are under the bonded scheme which provides agents and clients with added reassurance and a peace of mind whilst dealing with ETOA members. 

  • Arbitration/Mediation Facility 

The Legal advisor/ Legal department intervene in cases where a client or an agent lodges a complaint that requires intervention. 

  • Lobby 

ETOA is actively involved in lobbying/advocating activities specifically with the Government on important issues affecting members. 

  • Networking 

Keeping in mind that the membership includes tour operators, affiliate companies as well as corporate, being a part of ETOA enables any member to have extensive networking opportunities with the other members as well as leading industry figures. Network gatherings including breakfasts, lunches, and cocktail parties allow members to establish relationships with their counterparts across the industry as well as other tourism related products. 

  • Education and Training 

ETOA is constantly educating its members by way of facilitation of workshops and Trainings with the intent of enlightening members on topical issues that arise from time to time. 

  • Members Online Directory and Database 

ETOA possess an online directory and database where Members can be searched by name and category. It also has a sophisticated website which includes hyperlinks to your own website and where Members can be searched by name and category and can be viewed by all. This provides valuable exposure of members and their products. In addition, the Association has a publication-Kenya's Operators Guide which is a listing of members and serves as the official directory of tour operating companies in Kenya by all including KTB. 

  • Use of the ETOA Logo 

Members have access to and may display the ETOA’s logo on stationary and promotional material, which acts as a source of recognition throughout the industry. The logo may also be added to member's websites, which is encoded with your own membership number to prove valid and paid membership. 

  • Information On and Access To Overseas Trade Shows and Exhibitions 

ETOA plays a leading role in many major travel trade shows within/without the country in a marketing capacity for and on behalf of the members.


Ethiopian Tour Operators Association (ETOA)

 Amare Building, (between Megenagna & Lem Hotel)

11th Floor, Office No.---
Phone: (251) 115-508444/45
Mobile:(251) 930-100867
P.O.BOX: 8589  Addis Ababa , Ethiopia